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Anna Nicole Judge Cryin Quot Seidlin On Good Morning America

Larry Seidlin, the former Broward circuit judge who presided over the Anna Nicole Smith burial circus two years ago, just appeared on ABCs Good Morning America. I see some like me Larry David, somewhat Judge Judy said Seidlin, who resigned from the bench in July 2007. Seidlin, which were forged classroom antics on Saturday Night Live monologue and became fodder for late night comedians, said he has a lot of stuff in the works, including any dates on television or a professor of jobs at the University of Kaplan.
3.2.09 09:55

Samuel Jackson Shines In Predictable Quot Terrace Quot

Lakeview Terrace - Samuel L Jackson its best performance in years as a policeman in Los Angeles racist who tries to chase away the interracial couple who just moved in next door in Lakeview Terrace . Abel is long and his companions in the workplace and the public official in his district, which is protected by patrols on foot at night. Jackson plays Abel Turner, a world-weary cop struggling to raise two children after the death of his wife. I wish the rest of the film are good.
3.2.09 09:55

Jazz Hands For Michael Jackson

There some miserable things that descends on this small planet we call Earth, and I can t help but feel like we all running around like a group of CRAZED Princess Leias.
3.2.09 09:55

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jerry Brown Will Ask U To End Oversight Of California Prisons

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown will ask a federal judge today at the end of the court of health surveillance in prisons in California and held the return for the state health system control.. Gov.
3.2.09 09:55

Megan Fox Isnt Lara Croft But Tomb Raider Reboot Is In Development

IO9 has been able to get a flat denial of Foxs advocates, but that doesn t mean that a third Tomb Raider movie isn t in the works.. The entries have started to circulate on the Internet last week that Megan Fox had been cast as Lara Croft in a new movie Tomb Raider.
3.2.09 09:55

Pussycat Offers Cheryl Friendship

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton said that it would be happy to make friends with Cheryl Cole. Melody said the document: I heard that trying to break into the States and I d definitely show around her, if she wanted.. The 24-year-old singer told the Daily Star that loves theX Factor judge and gladly befriend her leave in the United States.
3.2.09 09:55

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